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Helping your non-profit grow and thrive.

Changing the world one donor at a time

From devising a campaign for a local scholarship, to providing libraries for schoolchildren in Afghanistan, we can help you select the best prospects and create a winning strategy.

Nurturing and Growth

Gardens don't grow overnight and neither does support for your non-profit. We specialize in long-term strategic planning, transparency, communications and best practices to keep your non-profit organization visible and strong. 

Celebrate your success with us

Strategic planning produces results. We help you succeed and manage expectations. We'll help keep your donors engaged in the mission and happy with the results of their giving.  

Offering Strategy, Advice, Analysis and Common Sense

More than 20 years’ experience with university, international, media and humanitarian non-profits. Special expertise guiding philanthropic initiatives with high net worth individuals and advising capital campaigns. With clients large and small from around the US, we are always happy to speak with you about your goals for growth.   
Strategy  |  Board Training  |  Grantwriting  |  Campaigns  |  List Management  |  Research  

What others are saying...

Mimi brings her own experience as a superlative fundraiser at first-rate institutions to her consultancy. She has secured blockbuster gifts from prospects she turned into donors. Any organization using her services will be very lucky.  -- Steven Ast, Fundraising Consultant

Mimi has the "can do" attitude that is the hallmark of a successful fundraiser. She is methodical, detail-oriented, and conscientious, not easily discouraged in the face of a challenge. She's helped our organization prioritize its opportunities and made excellent procedural recommendations. More than anything, she is collegial and brings a great energy to the office every day.  -- Carter Van Pelt, Media & Broadcast Specialist 

Mimi has a deep understanding of the world of fundraising for mission-driven organizations. She was instrumental in bringing in major support for our national investigative news program.  -- David Brancaccio, Marketplace Morning Report, American Public Media 

Mimi is a polished and effective communicator, both in person and in her writing. She has a comprehensive grasp of all aspects of the fundraising landscape from years of experience at a variety of non-profits, including universities, museums, environmental, cultural and media organizations. -- Stuart Zuckerman, Corporate Sponsorship Consultant

Words to describe Mimi: as a thinker: bold, focused, strategic, imaginative. As a manager: collegial, fair, loyal. Skills: talented writer, engaging public speaker, great people skills, successful in talking with high end prospects about their  interests and directing them to become donors. Personal: fun-loving, adventurous, world traveler, loyal, generous.  -- Joan Callahan, Williams College (retired)

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